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Our Creation Museum staff has asked me to post the following announcement to my blog—and it also gives me something of a break as I spend time with family in Australia.

You can raise money for your special project or team and have fun doing it! Here is an easy way to raise money for your local events.

The Creation Museum is excited to announce that our new Money that Matters fundraising program now has an online option! This online fundraising program will increase your group’s ability to earn the funds you need.

Through the Money that Matters program, selling 100 Creation Museum adult tickets for your organization translates to $1,000 toward your goal. The more you sell the higher your profit will become, and at certain milestones the percentage increases as well. You can earn from 50 to 70 percent of the sales directly to your group! Now with the new online option, raising funds for your group or organization has never been easier.

We will provide you with a discount code that is good for exactly three weeks from the beginning of your program. Then all you need to do is offer your discount code to anyone who is interested in buying tickets! Email it, blog it, Facebook it, print it in your bulletin or group newsletter, or share the code any other way you can think of. Those who receive the code can simply go to creationmuseum.org and purchase their tickets online and print them at home. This means that (unlike other fundraising programs) there is nothing to ship, collect, or distribute. At the end of the 21 days, we will run a report on your sales and cut you a check for the profit your group earned.

Don’t forget that you are offering an adult museum ticket that is good for two consecutive days for only $20! That is a savings of $9.95 per ticket to your customer. It is an easy “win-win” situation.

As an additional incentive to your group, individuals can earn rewards for themselves while promoting your fundraising efforts. If a person sells 10 tickets, they will earn a ticket to the museum. When an individual sells 15 tickets, they will earn a second free ticket. Selling 20 will earn a free annual individual pass. Selling 30 tickets during the campaign will earn a free annual family pass to the museum for their immediate family to visit the museum any time and as often as they would like in a year. These incentives are tracked by your group and will be awarded once your program is verified and complete.

Imagine being able to raise needed funds for your church, youth group, missions trip, or Christian school by helping people experience the evangelistic Creation Museum. Through this program you can earn money while helping to impact lives for an eternity.

For more information simply email us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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