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Since we began the free Answers Conversation podcast series earlier this summer, many people have commented on how helpful these conversations are to them. Featuring our team of experts, this series has already dealt with a great variety of subjects, including ape-men, dinosaurs, the history of millions of years, the Resurrection of Christ, sanctity of life, and many more.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to listen to these podcasts, it may help you to know that they are a weekly 15-minute recorded conversation between Steve Ham (our Senior Director of Worldwide Outreach, and my brother) and experts within and outside Answers in Genesis.

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss a few very important topics with Steve, including a conversation about our heritage from godly parents that had great impact in our lives (part one and part two). As many people know, Steve and I are 20 years apart in age, but we can both testify to a father and mother who were committed to pointing us to the Bible’s authority in a clear and profound way. Our father was indeed a great apologist for his day and his example made a big impact in our lives as he confidently proclaimed answers from Scripture and pointed us to the gospel of Christ.

Ray Comfort Ray Comfort is the producer of Evolution vs. God


Even more recently, we had the great opportunity of recording a session at our Answers Mega Conference in Tennessee with Ray Comfort and Todd Friel. This is our most recently published session of Answers Conversation, and is the behind-the-scenes discussion about Ray Comfort's new movie from Living Waters, Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith. If you haven’t seen this DVD (available in our online store), I encourage you to do so and spread it around to every high school and college student you know. Steve, Todd, Ray and I discussed this movie, which shows Ray’s interviews with college students and professors on secular college campuses. They answer questions about their reasons for believing in evolution. The answers you will hear are both sad and illuminating as they highlight the religious nature of evolutionary faith and the lack of any real substantive basis. The conversation was recorded at the Mega Conference last month and offers a great behind-the-scenes dialogue about these interviews, with some fun thrown in along the way.

I encourage you to listen to these podcasts. I trust that you will greatly benefit from these conversations and use them to help others see the truth in God's Word as we point people to the truth of His Gospel.

Each week you can find the Answers Conversation on our website’s media page. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the RSS feed.

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