Spectacular New Film—Evolution vs. God

by Ken Ham

Ray Comfort, president and CEO of the ministry Living Waters and a friend of AiG, is releasing an excellent new film titled Evolution vs. God. This controversial new film is challenging and faith affirming. Every family needs to watch it, as it will equip them to defend their faith! Below is a press release from Living Waters on this exciting new movie:

Evolutionary Scientists Speak Out on Movie That Disproves Evolution

Los Angeles, CA. Scientists are speaking publically about Ray Comfort’s Evolution vs. God, a controversial new movie the shows that Darwinian evolution isn’t scientific—using interviews with professors from UCLA and USC. (You can find the names and pictures of the professors in the film here: http://evolutionvsgod.com/photos.php.)

Comfort said, “I went to the experts with a camera and asked evolutionary scientists for scientific proof for Darwinian evolution, and the silence was deafening. They didn’t have any, and the reason that they didn’t have any is because there isn’t any. If you don’t believe it, watch the movie. If you are a believer in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.”

Three of the four professors have openly spoken about their appearance on the provocative movie.

Professor PZ Myers: "What actually happened is that I briefly discussed the evidence for evolution —genetics and molecular biology of fish, transitional fossils, known phylogenies relating extant groups, and experimental work done on bacterial evolution in the lab, and Ray Comfort simply denied it all — the bacteria were still bacteria, the fish were still fish. I suspect the other scientists did likewise: we provided the evidence, Ray Comfort simply closed his eyes and denied it all. Richard Dawkins will not be at all surprised that Ray Comfort is a dishonest fool." http://bit.ly/1ajREuJ

Professor Peter Nonacs: “I am one of the evolutionary biologists interviewed by Ray Comfort for his new DVD. First, Ray is a charming fellow and I greatly enjoy interacting with him. I do not expect that my words will be edited out of context or that I’ll find myself somehow saying on camera that ‘All of evolutionary biology is a hoax perpetuated in order to justify atheism.’ In short, I expect that everything in the DVD will be an accurate reflection of my words.

ATHEIST RESPONSE TO HIS WORDS: “Peter, I don’t suppose you had the foresight to record your full interview with Ray? If so…would you please, please, please publish the full, unedited interview on YouTube the same day as the movie is released?” Ben Goren

Professor Nonacs: “No recording on my part. Ray actually interviewed me for about 2 hrs a couple of years ago on a project he was doing on Darwin. As far as I can tell nothing came of it. And he has lost that tape! This is why we did the quickie new interview. Again, I don’t think there would much on a transcript that would indict Ray for ‘lying’”. http://bit.ly/185BiF9

Professor Craig Stanford: “Ray Comfort's new creationism video does the most un-Christian thing; uses misleading editing to take an immoral and frankly sleazy low road." http://bit.ly/16m24CB

Christian Reviews:

  •  “Exciting and revealing.” Henry M. Morris III, CEO, Institute for Creation Research
  •  “We wholeheartedly endorse this succinct, hard-hitting film.” Answers in Genesis
  •  “The best Creation/Evolution movie ever!!!”Josh4Jesus
  •  “I downloaded my copy last night! And we've watched it 3 times today. My kids are inspired. Thanks!” Becky Wagner
Atheist Reviews:
  •  “I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.” Professor PZ Myers
  •  “Worst documentary ever.” Aaron Whitman
  •  “Your movie was horrible ... sad and pathetic.” April Brumett
  •  “How about not including idiots in your video.” Philip Ware
Ray Comfort will be at our Answers Mega Conference in Sevierville, Tennessee, where Evolution vs. God will have its world premiere on Monday evening, July 22. For details and registration, visit the Answers Mega Conference site.

Now, the DVD will be released on August 7, but Living Waters is making a special prerelease of the video download available through AiG for just $19.99. I urge you to take advantage of this limited-time offer, which also helps Ray’s team to recoup their production costs. Don’t miss out on such a valuable resource for training in apologetics!

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