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Recently, we began a new audio initiative in Answers in Genesis called Answers Conversation. Each week Steve Ham will be interviewing people about topics as we answer the skeptical questions of this world and focus in on the authority of God’s Word.  I would encourage you to listen to the recent posts and subscribe to this new podcast. The first two weeks feature an in-depth discussion with one of our primary speakers and authors, Bodie Hodge. Steve and Bodie discuss the basis of the message of Answers in Genesis and some of the details recently released in Bodie’s new book about the Tower of Babel. In coming weeks you will hear some great conversations about astronomy, the Bible, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In writing about this new program, Steve highlighted our objective for this program as follows:

The Answers Conversation is a discussion of the objective propositional truth revealed to us by God through the men who were carried along by the Holy Spirit to give us His infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word. Most importantly, the Answers Conversation has been carefully positioned to guide us toward confidence in the Bible and the joy of the gospel.
You can listen to Answers Conversation on the media page. If you use iTunes or RSS, you can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the RSS feed. For iTunes, go to the store and search for “Answers Conversation” and filter by podcasts.

We are excited about yet another resource to help people to learn more about defending their faith in our skeptical world. Find out more about this new feature on this page.

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