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Today I want to tell you about a very special project a proud father and AiG supporter told me about. Three boys, the children of this supporter, in Australia have started an online Virtual Creation Zoo (—meant to declare the glory of God and to teach the history presented in Genesis.

They make their belief in God and His Word very clear on their “About Us” page:

Welcome to the real world, not the figment of one's imagination but the real, observable world of unmistakable and irrefutable design. Dare to question the so-called "proven fact of evolution". Don't believe it because everyone else does, see for yourself. If you still believe in evolution after carefully considering the content of this (and related) sites, it will simply prove that evidence for God and His design is not the issue but hardness of heart and a dishonest consideration of the truth surrounding you.
Wow! These three children have pinpointed the primary issue surrounding disbelief in God’s Word: man’s stubbornly rebellious heart and willful ignorance of the truth.

Now, their “zoo” continues to be developed, but visitors can find out information on a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and marine life—even dinosaurs! And all of the information is from a creationist perspective, drawing on resources from Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, and other creation organizations.

I encourage you to visit the Virtual Creation Zoo to see the hard work of children whose hearts and minds have been captured for the Lord. Imagine if we raised up an entire generation of kids who so boldly proclaimed the truth of the Bible?

Deaths in Boston

I made a few comments on my Facebook page yesterday about the horrible Boston bombings. At last report, more than 100 people were injured near the finish line for the famed Boston Marathon, and three people have been killed (including a child). Because one of my family members ran in this marathon last year, this tragedy hits home for our family.

As the injured are going through suffering and healing and as the families of those who died in the blast grieve their loss, it once again raises the age-old question of how a God of love could allow such things to happen. I encourage you to download a free copy of my booklet Why Is There Death and Suffering? or read my entire book How Could a Loving God? which is available free to read.

Also, note that the banner for the AiG homepage of our website deals with this same question.  Look for the banner that says, “Good God, Bad World—How Can That Be?” A video can be viewed by clicking on the banner.

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