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“Darwin, Dinosaurs and the Devil” (Part 2)

by Ken Ham on February 20, 2013

Here is the second part of my critique of an anti-AiG article that has appeared on many websites in my homeland of Australia and elsewhere. The article originally appeared on a secular website in the U.S., and versions of it have shown up all over the internet on atheist sites and some news sites.

The version of the article I am critiquing today is found at this link.

If you have not read part 1 of my response posted yesterday, then I encourage you to do that now.

Excerpt from the anti-AiG article:

Science is a myth simply because it cannot be allowed to contradict the Bible. That's Ham's starting and ending point, his premise and his conclusion. Such unquestioning trust and circular logic pervades the pages of the book, presented with smug satisfaction.

Once again, there is a problem with the way he uses the word science—and the author also misleads his readers about how we view science! We don’t say that science is a “myth.” Creationists love science. In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that we employ staff with earned doctorates in fields like astronomy, geology, molecular genetics, the history of science, and biology, plus two MDs. But we point out that you have to distinguish between science (the root meaning of science is “knowledge”) that deals with the past (beliefs about origins) compared to science that deals with the present—operational science, which is what both atheists and Christians use to build our technology, develop our medicine, etc.


Ham’s bugaboos (“abortion, pornography, gay marriage, lawlessness”) are, to his mind, rooted in belief in evolution.  Developments like legalised pornography are mere symptoms of acceptance of science; in order to purge them, we must destroy belief in evolution altogether.

The author continues his propaganda! Again, he is falsely misusing the word science and again is totally distorting what we say about evolution and morality. I have answered this charge many times before—there is no need to go over this point in detail, which the author falsely repeats time and time again, but as an example of what I have written about the connection between evolution and social ills, see my booklet “Evolution, Creation, and the Culture Wars” (though it’s getting a little dated). I guess if you want someone to believe something that is false, you just say it enough times and maybe people will start to believe it. Yes, such efforts are part of a propaganda campaign to mislead people into believing untruths.


Inevitably, Ham also turns to the shameless claims that acceptance of evolution is directly responsible for a parade of horrors: the Holocaust, racism . . . Racism “increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory . . . ”

The statement that racism “increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory” is actually a quote from the late famed evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould! But the author of this article conveniently doesn’t tell you that. He is desperately trying to say we blame evolution for racism—but we don’t. Sin is the cause of racism. But just as Gould did, we see a connection: the more people believe Darwin’s ideas of lower and higher races in humans, the more this has fueled racism, as evolutionist Gould acknowledged. I explain how sin is at the root of racism in one of the chapters of my co-authored book One Race, One Blood.


But there's trouble in Ham’s creationist paradise. In 2012, the Creation Museum reported a 10 per cent decline in attendance from the previous year, and its parent group, Answers in Genesis, posted a 5 per cent drop in revenue. That continues a four-year slump and a new low for the museum at 280,000 total visitors last year.

Of course, I know the secularists really want to see museum attendance collapse—but it isn’t! Museum attendance continues to average over 300,000 each year since the opening year—still 50,000 a year ahead of what we forecast before the museum opened (as a part of our business model for operations). This past year, all tickets were changed to two-day tickets to allow people more time to spend at the Creation Museum. This winter (since January), attendance numbers on most days are equal to or ahead of last year. This past Saturday (Presidents’ Day weekend), around 1,500 people visited the Creation Museum—ahead of the same day last year.


Even more ominously, fundraising for the Ark Encounter has slowed to a crawl. Its future is further imperiled by the decline of the Creation Museum, whose visitors were expected to be a huge source of funding for the ark park.

Actually, fundraising for the Ark has been very strong. Read this blog post about the $3 million collected at the end of last year for the needed Ark permits. Also, the construction contracts were just signed. We still have more fundraising to do—but even if we had all the funds right now, we couldn’t do much more than what we are currently doing. It will take about eight months to complete all the permit applications. In the meantime, workers are clearing trees and doing other site work in accord with what the permits will allow us to do.


If Ham’s decaying empire is any indication, Americans are rejecting his false choice between blind faith and wretched immorality. But on Darwin Day, it's worth remembering that Ham and his acolytes are dedicated to undermining science. Every day in a small museum in Kentucky, a few hundred adults and children stare at a diorama of Adam sitting next to a placid dinosaur. If Ham had his way, schoolchildren across the country would see this image every day, and they’d never be taught the true diversity, complexity and drama of the evolution of life. That’s a future that celebrants of Darwin Day are fighting. It’s not a losing battle by any means. But it hasn’t been won yet, either.

I just have to smile at such wishful thinking by secularists. Putting aside the silly word “empire,” I point out that the AiG ministry continues to grow. The Creation Museum is expanding. This summer we will be opening a new high-tech bug exhibit—it will be a startling world-class bug collection! We also have another (surprise) exhibit that we are working on. The Ark Encounter continues to move ahead. And AiG’s new Bible curriculum is so popular that we have a hard time keeping up with demand—the same is true of many of our books, DVDs, and curricula!

Well, if you want to read the rest of the article you can do that at this link. There is so much else I could say about the article—but we’ve really said it all before.

I wondered why this article has received so much attention. I think it’s because the secularists and the media want to believe that AiG and the Creation Museum are collapsing! So, instead of doing real research, they jump at rehashing each other’s absurd propaganda, in the hope of convincing people of the demise of the AiG ministry, Creation Museum, and me.

And here’s a promise: the Ark Encounter is coming. Get ready for it! Meanwhile, don’t believe the father of lies.

In Acts 5:12–42, we read the account of the apostles who were thrown into prison by the high priest. In that passage, an angel of the Lord came and took them out of prison. When the high priest found out they were out of prison (even though the doors were locked and the guards were still outside the doors), he had them brought to him—but he did not even ask how they got out of prison. He just reminded them that they were not to preach in “this name”—the name of Jesus. Personally, I believe it was because he didn’t want to hear about the miracle—he didn’t want to find out about the evidence that substantiated what the apostles had taught concerning the truth of the risen Christ.

This reminds me of today’s secularists. They don’t want to hear the evidence that confirms God’s words! They just ignore it. They are like the high priest: they just want to stop God’s people from preaching the truth. And they don’t want others to hear the evidence, either, so they try to malign people like us—all in their attempt to prevent people listening to the truths from God’s Word that we teach.

I love how the Apostle Peter responded: “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). Exactly! We stand on God’s Word regardless of what fallible, rebellious man says in opposition to the infallible Word.

I also love what Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, said: “If this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God” (Acts 5:38–39).

These secularists are not fighting against us. In reality, they are battling God. And if this AiG ministry is of God (which it is), then the secularists cannot overthrow it regardless of the lies they tell.

At the end of Acts 5 we read, “So they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name. And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ” (Acts 5:41–42).

Those who oppose God’s Word can say all they want—but for us, we will not cease “teaching and preaching” God’s Word!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,



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