Gary Parker Keynotes Homeschool Conference

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Gary Parker to Keynote Homeschool Conference in Florida

Over the past 19 years of AiG ministry, I have had the opportunity—dozens of times—to speak alongside Dr. Gary Parker at AiG conferences across America (and even abroad). When I learn that he has a special opportunity to speak at a major conference, I like to bring it to your attention—even though it may not be an AiG event. Also, Gary is still one of our adjunct presenters, and one of the most effective speakers on the book of Genesis I have ever heard. The Lord has given him a great gift of communication. This, together with his vast knowledge and experience, makes him a very powerful creation apologetics speaker.

Here is a photo taken of the two of us when Gary, who lives in Florida, visited the Creation Museum:

In early March, Gary will be the keynote speaker at a homeschool seminar called “The Finish Well Conference.” This event in central Florida (in Sanford, north of Orlando) is primarily geared to helping homeschool families that are educating highschoolers. If you live in Florida or one of the nearby states, and you are homeschooling a teen, I think it will worth looking into—check out the conference website of  The dates are March 1–2.

This year, our AiG ministry theme is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids.” We are making more of an effort to reach out to young people who are increasingly becoming “evolutionized” in schools, museums, through the media, and elsewhere. You may already be aware that two-thirds of our young people who grow up in the church will leave the church when they become young adults. Dr. Parker shares our passion to rescue our young people, and homeschool conferences can be great outreaches to equip teens and their parents. Dr. Parker will also mention our Ark Encounter to the attendees so that they are aware of this project being built in northern Kentucky, up I-75 from Florida.

As a part of this conference, a hands-on science workshop will be conducted for children ages 7–12.

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Also, I encourage all readers to explore God’s world “up close and personal” through the special field trips and hands-on programs that Gary and his wife Mary offer in the southeast part of the country. As Gary often says, we need “to relate God’s world to God’s Word.” Find out more at

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