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Rave Reviews

by Ken Ham on October 5, 2012

AiG has been receiving rave reviews for various resources it has produced. I wanted to highlight two of the resources and encourage you to watch a short video.

  1. The award-winning Foundations DVD series (12 videos 30 minutes each of my major presentations) with an award-winning curriculum. This series is now being used in many churches and homes to instruct young people and adults on the importance of the book of Genesis. Find out more on the product page.
  2. The Answers Bible Curriculum is a totally integrated three-year curriculum for preschool through adult and a wonderful Sunday school or homeschool and Christian school curriculum. Hundreds of churches and others are using the AiG curriculum that features (notice the ABC acronym here) Apologetics, Biblical authority, and Christ-Centered Chronological. Find out more at

Recently, a pastor’s wife (from Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain, Nevada) was recorded at a conference, sharing what the Foundations curriculum and Answers Bible Curriculum have meant to their church. Watch Kathy as she shares about these items:

If you haven’t considered the ABC program for your church, I urge you to do so. Go to for further information.

We have also received great feedback about the Answers for Teens books. Here is an email we received recently:


I just wanted to write and thank you for your 'Answers For Teens' books :-)

My eldest son (who is sixteen) has been literally brought up on AiG materials, but when he read the 1st book [Answers for Teens 1] he told me that it made things easier to 'get his head round' and the knock on affect of that was it made the other materials - like the Answers 1-3 books easier to understand. I am now waiting for book 2 [Answers for Teens 2} to arrive and he is excited to get his hands on it. Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing these fabulous materials into our hands.

You make getting the truth out there so much easier :-) God bless and keep you all strong

– G.P.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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