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Garden Celebrations

by Ken Ham on August 22, 2012

More and more people are holding family events and other activities at our Creation Museum and in the beautiful botanical gardens. This past Saturday, two families held celebrations that represented the end of a life and the beginning of a marriage.

Former AiG staff member Roger Goodart, who helped build the Creation Museum (he put in miles and miles of wiring inside the museum and AiG headquarters), passed away earlier this month. His widow, Tracy, wanting to celebrate her husband’s life and his part in building the museum, had a fellowship meal served on the museum grounds after the memorial service was held at a local church.


The reception was held in one of the pavilions in the museum gardens. Her husband Roger is in the foreground.

It was at this pavilion that Roger’s family and friends were told that they could take a short walk over to the museum and tour it at no charge as a guest of Tracy’s. Tracy wanted to make sure that any family and friends who were skeptical about the Christian faith would take the opportunity to honor her husband by walking through the museum he helped build. And 48 people did!

Our condolences to Tracy on her loss, but we are grateful for her “creation evangelism” efforts.

Meanwhile, just a few yards away in the pavilion next door, a wedding was being set up as the fellowship meal for Roger’s group was going on. I have lost track of how many couples have gotten married on our museum grounds—and also inside our new Legacy Hall (which can accommodate many more people for a wedding or other special event than the outdoor pavilions).


Here is the set-up before the wedding.

I find it so encouraging that people are using our facilities as a witness as they hold special events at the museum, where they hope that friends and family will be exposed to the teaching of the museum and the gospel while on our property. Maybe these two events held last Saturday at the museum will prompt you to have your own event here as a special outreach?

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