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Yesterday, I gave two presentations lasting one and a half hours each at a special music and teaching event in Cornwall, England, called Creation Fest. It is largely sponsored by Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa of California. This was a great ministry opportunity to share a message on the relevance of Genesis and then give another talk on creation apologetics to a large body of teens adults from across the UK (and other places in Europe).

I received numerous great testimonies. I had so many parents tell me how worried they were about their children because they were questioning God and the Bible as a result of what they were taught in school about evolution. Most kids in the UK go to the secular schools. I was pleased to meet a number of young people who said they wanted to know how to present creation apologetics as we do at AiG—they see the great need in the UK for this kind of ministry.

I was also thrilled to meet teens who asked their parents to purchase them books with needed answers to what they were being taught in school.  So many families told me their pastor compromises with evolution and/or millions of years—even pastors of what are considered fairly conservative churches in their theology.  Sad,but that is generally the case in the UK.

I met two seminary students who wanted to know how to answer their seminary professors regarding their compromise views on Genesis. They said when they challenged one of their professors with AiG material, and they were told “Ken Ham is not an intellectual.” They asked me how they should respond to that. I suggested they politely challenge the professor concerning how he could believe in thorns, cancer, brain tumors, and carnivory before sin—and God call all that “very good.” In other words, I suggested they not respond to the comment about me but challenge the professor on the basis of what Scripture plainly teaches.

Here is a photographic overview of our special time on Sunday:

Creation Fest was held at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge, England—the extreme western tip of England; lots of people set up tents for their living area for the week.

Beautiful countryside

AiG resources piled up before I spoke

A clinical researcher (originally from India) drove quite a way to hear me and to ask me to sign her well-worn copy of The Lie. She was so excited to meet me as she has been reading AiG resources for years. It was great to speak with a scientist who is an ardent creationist.

Meals in the hospitality tent

People crowded around the AiG resource tables after my first presentation—by the end of the day, there was not much left. Some of the DVD sets (Foundations and Demolishing Strongholds) sold out minutes after my first talk.

A photo of me with UK AiG staff member Neil Seeds. Neil drove the AiG van packed with resources to Creation Fest. “The Big Shed” is where the main meetings were held.

A photo of me with AiG VP Mike Zovath. Mike came with me to do all the driving and helping with logistical things.

Lots of fun things for kids at Creation Fest

Here is a storm cloud that dumped buckets of water as I started to give my first presentation—a very heavy downpour. I would hate to be those people living in the tents!

The auditorium as I am giving a presentation

A photo of me with the head of Creation Fest, Pastor Brian Brodersen from Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, USA

As Mike and I left for Birmingham for my next round of speaking engagements, we were reminded of the promise God will never again Flood the earth as He did in Noah’s day.

Below is the itinerary for the rest of my speaking in England and Northern Ireland for this trip:

Tuesday, August 7

  • 8 AM Pastor’s Breakfast, Holiday Inn, Chapel Lane, Great Barr
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