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A Special Dedication

by Ken Ham on April 15, 2012

This past Friday, we had a very special event at the Creation Museum. We invited the AiG supporters who donated to the new observatory project to come for dinner and an observatory dedication.While they were visiting with us, we took them down to the Ark property, and we also prayed for the Ark project as we stood on the very spot where the Ark will be built. Here are some photos from Friday:

The area marked out where the Ark will be built.

Mally and I standing in the middle of the Ark.

Some of our special visitors who visited the Ark site.

Mally and I with Barbara and Andrew Perry. Barbara is the daughter of Lyle Johnson—the man who built the famous “Johnsonian” telescope that was donated to AiG for the observatory.

Barbara, Doug Gorsling (from The Wilds, a Christian camp of North Carolina where the telescope was used before it was given to the Creation Museum), and AiG staff member Doug Ruminger discuss the history of how the Johnsonian telescope came to be at the Creation Museum observatory—they all knew the inventor Lyle Johnson.

Creationist astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner (who will be on staff full time to head up AiG’s astronomy program) gave a prayer of dedication and spoke to the group.

Barbara cuts the ribbon to officially open the Creation Museum observatory.

Barbara stands beside the telescope her father built. This was an emotional moment as she sees the legacy of her father continued at the Creation Museum; her dad was an ardent creationist. This telescope was used in the NASA Moon Blink program in the 1960s.

Keep watch on the Creation Museum website for AiG’s unique astronomy programs.

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