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Hungry Canadians

by Ken Ham on September 19, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of an AiG conference at Portico Community Church Mississauga (not far from Toronto) in Canada. After the morning services and the two evening sessions, people were in long lines to get equipped with the AiG resources. The best way to describe what I observed is that the people were hungry for the books, DVDs, etc. Most of the AiG resources are not yet readily available in Canada, so people are thrilled at the opportunity to obtain them for their families, for witnessing, and so on.

The following are a few of the many testimonies I received yesterday:

  • A young man told me he was an atheist up until a year ago. He said that the AiG resources have been very important to him to get answers and help him grow as a Christian. He said he loves apologetics, and because of his atheist background, he understands the vital need for apologetics resources to reach people like him.
  • A pharmacist told me he displays AiG resources in the windows of his pharmacy and that he loves to witness to his customers. (His family have been to the Creation Museum).
  • A pastor from a different church brought some of his congregation to the host church. He told me that on Sunday morning, I was speaking at his church even though I didn’t know it! He showed the Already Gone video for the morning service. He told me he uses AiG resources in equipping his congregation and that he was going to use AiG resources in actively reaching the community.
  • I met a couple of teenage girls who asked me to sign their very worn AiG books—one was the children’s book, D is for Dinosaur. These girls said they were brought up on such books.
  • A man told me he heard me speak 20 years ago, and it changed his life.
There were so many other positive testimonies. The AiG ministry is so needed in Canada. I had a number of dedicated people ask if they could be a part of bringing AiG to Canada! We will certainly be working with them to see what can be done.

Lutherans Hear Dr. Snelling

While I was speaking in Mississauga Canada on Sunday morning, Dr. Andrew Snelling spoke to the congregation of Hope Lutheran Church in Rochester, New York. Andrew then joined me in Canada for Sunday evening, and we will both speak Monday evening.

The following two photographs were taken while Andrew spoke in Rochester:

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