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I want to introduce you to a friend of AiG—Rev. Tony Breeden. He is involved in a special project entitled “Creation Sundays.” I urge you to pass this information on to your pastor and encourage him to become involved. Rev. Breeden sent me the following:

I want Bible-affirming churches to celebrate a Creation Sunday on February 12, 2012, not an Evolution Sunday. You see , earlier this year, 652 congregations participated in Evolution Sunday, preaching Darwin from our very pulpits and sowing confusion in the pews over biblical authority. It gave the media the false impression that Christianity and millions of years/evolution are compatible. Next year’s Evolution Weekend (Feb. 12, 2012) actually falls on Darwin ’s birthday so we expect Darwin Day celebrants to combine forces with compromising clergy to give evolution even more press.

On that same date, I’m urging churches to make a stand for the authority of God’s Word and to let people know there’s a Bible-affirming church in their area by celebrating a Creation Sunday instead. We're also urging churches to go ahead and have a Creation Sunday this summer if they'd like to get a head start. Find out more at

--   Rev. Tony Breeden

Branson Worldview Weekend

Here are two photographs taken at the Branson Worldview Weekend in Missouri where I spoke this past Friday and Saturday.

The auditorium

People crowding around the AiG resources tables

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