Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Speaks About AiG

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AiG is a non-denominational organization, and as such, our speakers are invited to a number of different church denominations to give talks on biblical authority. We praise the Lord for this endorsement below from a well-known leader in the Southern Baptist Convention denomination, Pastor Johnny Hunt, who is the outgoing president of the SBC:

I wholeheartedly encourage pastors to host a faith-building Answers in Genesis speaker in their churches. I know first-hand that AiG speakers are able to communicate effectively to teens and adults.  Pastor, you're aware that many young people are leaving the church when they become adults. Why? One major reason is that they can't defend the Christian faith in our secular world. But a speaker from Answers in Genesis will equip your church -- and community -- with answers and a renewed boldness in our precious Christian faith.

– Dr. Johnny Hunt, First Baptist Church Woodstock (Georgia), former president of the Southern Baptist Convention

I will be speaking at Dr. Johnny Hunt's church this year.

To request a faith-building AiG speaker for your church or area, go to this web page.

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