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Renewing Wedding Vows

by Ken Ham on November 23, 2010

We’ve had lots of interesting requests at the Creation Museum, but this past week we had a new one. Dave and Kandi Bornn asked if they could renew their wedding vows in the little chapel near the museum’s Palm Plaza. To be precise, it was Dave that asked us about the vows. Kandi had no idea.

Dave is in the U.S. Army’s “Command and General Staff College” (CGSC). He’s been stationed all over the world and the couple never knows if they’ll be together on their anniversary, so they make their vows again each year when they can. Dave said they and their children were having lunch when the idea to do the renewing of vows at the Creation Museum hit him.

When he arrived, Dave grabbed the first guest services person he found, Chris Laughlin, and asked if there was a place suitable, and also asked this question: “is there a pastor in the ministry?” It was a slow day in the museum and the word spread like wildfire among the staff. Soon the chapel was arranged. A gentleman in maintenance who happened to be a pastor (Gary) was enlisted (after he found a clean shirt), and a photographer was called. Flowers were found for the bride and even a singer joined in. Only after this did Dave ask Kandi to “marry him again.” After some giggling, she said “yes.”

It was a joyful event that took about ten minutes.

Dave and Kandi have been married for eleven years. They’ve renewed their vows in four countries and six states. That now includes Kentucky. They felt blessed to be able to come to the museum. It’s been a dream of theirs for some time. They’ve used the Answers in Genesis curriculum to homeschool their children, and they love it. When asked what he would say about his wife, Dave said, “Kandi is the perfect, Proverbs 31 wife.” Asked the same question about Dave, Kandi said, “he takes the Scripture to heart concerning a husband loving his wife.” It was a pleasure to have the Bornn family with us. Here are two photographs taken on the day:

Fallacies of the Modern Church—Part 2

Part two of the three-part series on “Fallacies of the Modern Church: Barriers to Equipping the Saints”appears on the AiG website today.  It begins with the following:
The first article of this three-part series focuses on the truth about the money changers in the Temple as recorded in John 2. We will now look more closely at the distinctions between the Temple and the church buildings we use today. The final article (to be posted tomorrow) will examine the functions of these places as it relates to worship. Each of these subjects affects the way we think about providing edifying Christian resources in our church buildings and gatherings there.
I urge you to read part two of the article, and if you haven’t read part one, then read that one first.

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