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There is a new college program seeking to hire two creationists with terminal degrees in biology.

We have heard good things about Dr. Emir Caner, the new president of Truett-McConnell College (a Southern Baptist school). The school hosted this summer’s joint meeting of the Creation Geology Society and the Creation Biology Study Group. He told the scientists there about his strong desire to make young-earth creation a bedrock of his school’s educational mission, along with missions (“from the very first verse to the very last tribe”).

As a part of that mission, Dr. Caner hired young-earth creationist Dr. Kurt Wise last year to help reorganize the school’s science program and open a new Creation Research Center(see the school’s announcement of the new center on their website).

This summer Dr. Wise was made chairman of the Division of Science and Mathematics.

Dr. Wise has been active in creationism since he earned his PhD in paleontology from Harvard University (under Stephen Jay Gould) back in 1989. Along with his other roles in creation research, he served as a key adviser during the development of the Creation Museum and as the acting curator of our museum fossil collection (and he’s even featured with me in the museum video Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends).

He recently wrote a request for help in finding two new young-earth biology professors:

When I was hired at TMC in 2009, I was given two tasks (besides teaching) by the president of Truett-McConnell College—the creation of a creation research center and a science major at the college. TMC is one of three Georgia (Southern) Baptist Colleges and was a two-year institution until 2002, when it began a gradual transition (one major at a time) to a four-year college. TMC, like the other two Georgia Baptist Colleges, was also non-conservative until the present president, Dr. Emir Caner, was installed in August of 2008.

Subsequently, he has been swinging the institution in the conservative direction, requiring, for example, the science to become young-age creationist in orientation. We were able to get a biology major approved by the faculty at the end of last semester conditional on additional faculty (we would need another math and another biology professor), and facilities (we would need two more teaching labs). Spurred in part by a large positive spike in enrollment this fall, the trustees have approved a building project (to be completed by August 2011) to provide the needed facilities. We are now in need of TWO professors of biology—one to begin as early as January 2011 and the other to begin as early as August 2011.

The president has made it clear that he will hire only young-age creationists into the biology positions. I therefore have the task of finding and hiring TWO young-age creation biologists—optimally folks with terminal degrees.

Truett-McConnell College is looking to become another in the short list of colleges that teach young-age creation science, but it cannot do so (at least offer an entire bachelors degree) without more professors of that type. I was wondering if you might ask around. I appreciate any help that you might be willing to give!

If you’re interested, I encourage you to contact Dr. Wise at the school (kwise[at]truett[dot]edu).

We certainly need more colleges—like this one—that take such a stand on Genesis. Please pray that the Lord will lead the right people to Dr. Wise for these positions.

AiG Major Conference in Florida this Weekend

This weekend (beginning Saturday evening), Dr. David Menton, Dr. Jason Lisle, and I will be speaking at an AiG conference hosted by Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale (in Florida). This is a large church with satellite churches, and so we are expected to speak to in excess of 20,000 people!You can find all the details on the event page.

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