Churches and Already Gone

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Here is some more feedback from the pastors’ conference (“Answers for Pastors”) we held last month here in northern Kentucky (it was so successful, we may do many more):

I wanted to say “thank you” for the great resources and relevant information you offered at the Answers for Pastors conference! In particular, I appreciate the free copy of Already Gone. This book explains a lot about why so many young people are leaving the church.

My generation was a part of this alarming trend of “graduating” (i.e., leaving) church when we graduate high school. Already Gone confirmed my suspicions: We’d been taught in church what to believe, but not why we ought to believe it or how to defend it. Thank you for taking the initiative to research this crucial issue and for responding to it with presuppositional apologetic resources like Dr. Lisle’s book Ultimate Proof of Creation.

I also thought you might like to hear about how Already Gone is affecting real-world change in a local church in West Virginia. After I gave my pastor a copy, he announced the very next Sunday morning  that it was one of the catalysts for a new series of in-depth Bible apologetics classes at the church, intended to train disciples who can teach their own Bible studies.

I believe God is using Answers in Genesis and the message of this book to call His Church back to authentic discipleship and presuppositional apologetics!

– Rev. Tony Breeden

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