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by Ken Ham on September 2, 2010

I want the ministry of Answers in Genesis to inspire meaningful, life-altering conversations about creation and our Creator.  Many of those conversations are happening right now at—a special website owned and operated by the leading creation book publisher in the world, Master Books.  These creation conversations involve forums, groups, expert Q&As, videos, blogs, and more.

For instance, I am encouraged by the teenage girl who wants to learn how to defend her faith. Bryanne McDonough, a high school student, recently posted the following in Creation Conversations’ online forum:

I am starting ninth grade biology. I know that we will be learning about evolution. I've been doing a lot of reading and have a very solid belief in creation. I was wondering how I should go about talking to my friends and other students about creation and the lie of evolution in and out of the classroom. I've tried talking a few times about it with my closest friends and it is sad to see that their beliefs are so firmly rooted in evolution that they have never questioned it. I fear not only for my friends but for my generation seeing as they have been taught nothing but evolution for their entire life. Many of them don't even believe in God. How can I show not only my friends, but other students, that evolution is wrong?
In response, nine members of this online community connecting those who believe in biblical Creation answered Bryanne.   She received practical advice, scriptural references, links to articles on our website, and more. One of those members, Victoria Mabry of North Carolina, posted the following in response:
These are all excellent suggestions. I would just add, never be afraid to say, "I don't know, but I'll find out. Let me get back to you on that." Then, use the excellent research materials that are available online. I find is not only the easiest to search and find answers, but also the site that has the answer to almost any question you have. And, AiG's answers are provided by Christian scientists with excellent qualifications.
I want to encourage you to add your voice to Creation Conversations. Share your experiences, your questions, and sources with others who are committed to give an answer for what they believe. The internet has given us a wonderful platform to learn and to proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ. Use this resource well. Go to

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