Get Your Pastor to Come to “Answers for Pastors”—and to the Creation Museum!

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The co-author of The Genesis Flood, renowned scholar Dr. John Whitcomb. will join me at the conference.

As I was reading Dr. John Whitcomb’s excellent web article on our homepage last Monday, I was reminded that the 50th anniversary of the publication of his co-authored book The Genesis Flood (along with Dr. Henry Morris, founder of the Institute for Creation Research) will be next year. This is a monumental work—perhaps the most important book in the last 50 years in regards to biblical inerrancy.

We are so privileged to have Dr. Whitcomb, a leading highly qualified biblical creationist and one the most-respected theologian in the world, speak at our September 21-23 “Answers for Pastors” conference here in our Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. Of course, Dr. Whitcomb—as he speaks to pastors, their wives, and church leaders—will give a talk on the Flood of Noah’s time. I will be speaking to the pastors as well, plus other AiG speakers. We think this special apologetics conference will be a great blessing for your pastor (and his wife).

Would you do me a favor? Please forward this blog item to your pastor, and encourage him to be a part of this great conference, which features such an eminent biblical scholar who helped launch the modern creation movement around the world with his book. Please note that pastors who sign up by May 31 receive a great early-bird discount; also, share with him that the Creation Museum is only about 15 minutes away from the conference facility, and we have time set aside for the pastor (and wife) to tour the museum (museum tickets are included in the registration fee).

Your pastor will be refreshed and recharged as he receives some great Bible teaching September 21-23. Again, the registration discount ends in about a week.

For more information, go to our special website.

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