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Archaeology and the Bible

by Ken Ham on March 25, 2010

I wanted to let you know more about a biblical archaeology ministry called ABR (Associates for Biblical Research).  ABR exists to use the field of archaeology to confirm the historical accounts of the Bible, including the Old Testament. Here is a link that takes you to some of its recent articles:

Two ABR writers/researchers will be speaking at our national “Defending the Faith” conference near the Great Smoky Mountains in July: Scott Lanser  (ABR executive director) and Henry Smith.  Discount registration ends this month, so register today and then plan on joining the 1,700 people already registered (see Last year, I was privileged to be ABR’s speaker at its annual banquet in Pennsylvania.

If you find the field of archaeology as fascinating as I do, especially as it relates to biblical Israel, then I direct you to a unique DVD, The Fall of Jericho (which features interviews with ABR’s Dr. Bryant Wood and others).

Israel Tour in October

Speaking of the history of Israel, I wanted to share about our unique tour of Israel in October, which will have a strong biblical authority thrust (including seeing evidence in Israel of a global Flood). It will be led by Drs. Andrew Snelling and David Crandall. So far, we have several people already booked in for this “tour of a lifetime.” As someone who has been to the “land of the Bible,” I highly recommend this tour – which is led by the highly experienced agency “Pilgrim Tours” (they organized our tour last April, which had over 60 Americans travel throughout this incredible land of Israel). See

TV Interviews in California

During my trip recent trip to California, I had two television interviews.

1. I was interviewed about the Creation Museum on TBN with Paul Crouch Jr. It was an excellent interview.  Here are some photographs:

Mally and I in the lobby waiting for the interview to begin

Getting my microphone clipped on

Paul Crouch looking through the Journey through the Creation Museum

book and asking me a question as a part of the interview

Another photograph of the set (taken during the interview itself)

We don’t know the air date just yet.

2. I was also interviewed by Ray Comfort from the ministry of “The Way of the Master“ for his television program and various video productions. Here is a photograph taken as Ray asked me several questions:


(Hosea 8:12)  I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing.

The best way we can have the Word of God be familiar to us is to read it with the knowledge that in it the Lord Jesus Christ has written Great Things right to us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,



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