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Romance at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on January 12, 2009

We’ve had three weddings here on the grounds of the Creation Museum.* And there was even a proposal of marriage inside our “Garden of Eden” exhibit—that was a couple from the U.K. (who are now married), and the two flew here because the young man (as he told us) wanted to “pop the question” to his girlfriend in the perfect setting—the perfect garden of Eden. Marriage was first instituted there.

Maybe you recall that staff members Adam and Jen, co-workers at the museum, got married a few weeks ago—see my previous blog item.

Just in the last few days, we have heard of a few other instances of “romance” here on-site. Attached is a shot of a couple who visited on January 7 and were here on their honeymoon—they were married on January 3. Their names are John and Judy.


In the next photo, the couple here are museum lifetime members (from Indiana) and came to visit us once again. Originally they were just going to take a quick look at what might be new inside the museum—and also to grab lunch in our Noah’s Café. But their visit turned out to be a longer one when they heard that Buddy Davis was going to do a concert in the museum theater; so, they decided to stay and hear him. We found out that they were celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary. I guess a concert by Buddy and a meal at the museum made for a good date!


Lastly, staff member Sue Zitzman told me about a couple who got acquainted on a Christian-based dating service. Since northern Kentucky/Cincinnati is halfway between Wisconsin and North Carolina, Russell and Lynda decided to have their first date here at the museum. Here they are in a photo—they were at the museum for two days.



Wonder of it all

(Luke 12:32) Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

We are drawn away to a state of marvel with the wonder of it all when we consider that our Lord Jesus Christ calls us His little flock.


*NOTE: Please be aware that we are currently not offering the opportunity of holding weddings at the museum or on the grounds—please don’t call about the possibility. Such an event involves a lot of planning for our staff and a lot of personnel at the wedding itself and its rehearsal (a cost we would have to pass on to the wedding party), but more importantly, there is a lack of adequate space during our hours of operation (when most couples desire to get married).


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