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Register now so you don’t miss our national summer conference held in Branson, Missouri, this July 15–18. We are holding this conference in the beautiful Tri-Lakes Conference Center.

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Along with Carl Kerby and me, our guest speakers will be Dr. Voddie Baucham and Doug Phillips. Also in the lineup is our very own Buddy Davis with several performances. Buddy’s work ranges from fun songs that will have the whole family singing along to his renditions of classic hymns that have inspired thousands over the years. He is also holding his very popular children’s workshops (for ages 7–10). In this two-and-a-half hour workshop, your child will draw and sculpt dinosaurs while learning biblical history and how to answer questions about the Bible. There is limited space available for these workshops, so be sure to register for them right away! Go to to register or give us a call at 1-877-244-3370 for more information.

Registrations are welcome at the door on the day of the conference, but I urge you to register early to avoid the wait.


There is still time to get your church or small group registered for the conference in Branson in two weeks. Register now in order to take advantage of a great savings opportunity with our group rates. If you have 10 or more individuals in your group, the rate is just $79 per person! Our schedule is family friendly and allows plenty of time to sight see and to take in a show or two. Go to to check out the schedule and to register, or give us a call at 1-877-244-3370 for more information. You can register at the door, but taking care of this now will save you time and secure your spot for this great conference.

You will also want to consider Branson’s new Sight and Sound Theater during your visit. Their production of “Noah the Musical” promises to be a spectacular show with live animals and lavish costumes and sets, along with very talented actors. The theater is just a short distance from the conference, and you can enjoy the two-and-a-half hour afternoon presentation and still be back in time for Buddy Davis’ concert at 6:30 the same afternoon! For more information on “Noah the Musical”, go to

Hurry and make your plans now to join Buddy Davis, Carl Kerby, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Doug Phillips, and me for a time of Bible teaching, great music, and family fun in Branson. We hope to see you in two weeks!


The secular world gets so emotional over the age of the earth issue. Have you ever wondered why this is so? In fact, when I am interviewed by the secular media, they usually ask me many more questions about the age of the earth issue than Darwinian evolution.

One of the things the secular media often do is start off an interview asking me why I don’t believe in millions of years. You see, “millions of years” is an incomprehensible amount of time. And to even attempt to postulate Darwinian evolution (one kind changing into a totally different kind of creature over millions of years), one has to have an incomprehensible amount of time, so that, given enough time, anything can be claimed. Without the supposed “millions of years,” evolutionists could not even suggest the possibility of molecules-to-man evolution.

As I travel around, I see “millions of years” presented as fact over and over again. Recently I was at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. “Millions of years” was presented as fact over and over and over again. Even when one goes to places like Yellowstone, although I could not find the word evolution on any of the signs, “millions of years” was presented as fact over and over again.

Here are just two photographs I took recently:


1.        This one was taken in the Smithsonian.


2.        This one was taken at Yellowstone National Park last week.

Every time I visit such places, I am burdened to see more people visit the Creation Museum and provide more displays that dispel the false claims of millions of years


I am continually amazed by the number of visitors to the Creation Museum from overseas—but even more amazed and thrilled at how many visitors come from my homeland of Australia. Yesterday I was thrilled to meet up with a lady I had not seen for many years. She and her husband were highly involved in the Creation Ministry with me in Australia. Also, we have a young lady who is from a country town in the state of Queensland who is volunteering at the museum for three months!

On Friday, I have been informed that another family from Australia is arriving to spend a couple of days at the museum and do some sightseeing—they are also from a country town in Queensland. There is no doubt-the word is getting out about the museum.


And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be full.

We take grass for granted, but, in Ethiopia it can be seen that no grass means no fat goats, no fed people. Grass sustains cattle and is a direct gift from God.


Dry Ethiopia surrounding Addis Ababa (January 2008)

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