AiG Produces Security Book for Faith-Based Organizations

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Editor’s Note (April 26, 2016): Please see our disclaimer about Mr. Jeffrey A. Hawkins.

Today is Sunday. Millions all across America (and the around the world) are worshiping in churches. But this is not the same world generations of the past lived in. This is a world in which we see increasing violence, terrorism—all sorts of horrible crimes. We’ve seen shootings at Universities, Post Offices . . . and Churches. More and more Christian leaders are becoming acutely aware of the need to be security conscious for the protection of their congregations, staff, etc. This is a great responsibility and many are inexperienced in security issues—and don’t know what they should do.

Because AiG has a professional security operation, headed by an extremely qualified and experienced security officer, we believed it important to provide a unique but very necessary tool for faith-based organizations in today’s world.

AiG’s head of security, Jeff Hawkins, has written a book entitled Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations that has been published by AiG and is now available through AiG’s website.

What we have found is that many Christian churches, ministries and mission groups do not have plans in place to protect themselves or respond in the event of an emergency. Most of the time these programs are not developed because they just don’t know where to start; this guidebook helps Christian organizations take the first steps in assessing risk for their organization, understanding liabilities and what plans and programs they need to put in place to protect those who come to their place of worship or go out to minister on their behalf.

The material outlined in this guidebook applies to all faith-based organizations, from small churches to mega-churches to Christian schools to mission groups; the same principles of risk management apply in some aspect to all.

As one Senior Pastor told us “It is not only our legal obligation to protect those who [come] to worship with us, it is our moral and spiritual obligation as Christian leaders to have these measures in place to protect them.”

Another church leader from the Midwest wrote “I appreciate AiG’s production of this and would recommend to all church leadership, from the smallest country church to the largest megachurch.”

Many organizations have already purchased multiple copies to give to each member of their leadership, so they are all literally operating from the same page!


Jeffrey A. Hawkins presently serves as Chief Security Officer for Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in the Greater Cincinnati area. He is a senior law enforcement security professional with over 27 years of diverse experience working for profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Hawkins has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and an M.S. degree in Management with over 1,000 hours of training in the areas of security, law enforcement, and emergency management. He has received specialized training with such agencies as the FBI, Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, and Israeli counter-terrorism units. He has written numerous articles for law enforcement and security publications and is a frequent speaker on the topic of security and public safety around the country.

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