The Creation Museum Changed My Life

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For every testimony we receive like this, we realize there are probably many more with “changed lives” testimonies. Praise the Lord as you read this testimony sent to us recently:

The Creation Museum has changed my life. I’ve been a struggling Christian for a number of years, not really knowing what to believe. I’ve been indoctrinated to evolution my whole life from school to popular media.
Back in June I decided to plan a vacation with my two oldest boys ages (at the time) 14 and 4 years old, and being a Star Trek fan, my primary destination was Las Vegas to see Star Trek: The Experience. I had everything planned out for a lengthy road trip from Houston, Texas. We were going to drive for about 9 days round trip in the first week of August.
About a week before we left I found the website for the Creation Museum. The day after I found your website, all my plans were changed. In a few days, I completely reorganized my trip plans and we left for the museum. After arriving and touring the museum my life was turned upside down.
I left the museum with a couple of books and started reading and studying almost every day. Eventually I started speaking to my Sunday school class and they agreed to let me teach them some of what I’ve learned. Since then, I’ve been blessed with a larger classroom, the class has been really popular and is growing. We are starting a new class so that I can start with a larger group of people.
I talk to almost everybody about my faith and I get a great deal of positive responses from people with the same point of view I used to have. Every week, I can’t wait to go to church to tell more people about God through teaching creation. I can’t express enough how much of a blessing the museum has been to me and all the people around me that are learning to trust the Bible as the infallible word of God. Thank you and God bless you for the work you do.

See What’s Happening at the Creation Museum!

If you haven’t visited the Creation Museum recently, you may not know what you’re missing. We have special speakers scheduled almost daily, and all speakers are free with a general admission ticket. Take a look at a few of the speakers coming up in the near future. As always, you can check out a full list of speakers at our website, (Be sure to check out the Special Valentine’s Event below.)

Friday, January 25 Bodie Hodge 1:00 p.m.: “Is Genesis Relevant to your Daily Walk?” (Men in White Theater) 2:00 p.m.: Book signing (Dragon Hall Bookstore)

All speaking events are free and open to anyone who purchases a general admission ticket (special admission ticket must be obtained at the Admission desk). Special speakers are scheduled almost daily at the Creation Museum.

Special Event: “The Story of Gomer”

In celebration of God’s love, the Creation Museum invites you to “An Evening to Remember” on Friday, February 15, 2008, at 7 p.m. This unforgettable evening is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Guests can expect an elegant evening of beautiful music, a souvenir photograph, and a dramatic presentation of God’s redeeming love. After the presentation, guests will enjoy a delicious dessert in our beautifully decorated Main Hall. You may also choose to order an optional dinner, featuring prime rib or ossobuco (veal), to be served at 6:00 p.m. before the theater program.

“The Story of Gomer” is a love story, taken from the Old Testament book of Hosea. You’ll be blessed by the persistent, redemptive love of Hosea for his wayward wife, Gomer. Even more, you will be touched by this portrait of the persistent, redeeming love of our heavenly Father for His wayward children.

For more information and to reserve your tickets, call:

(800) 778-3390, or (888) 582-4253 for groups.

The cost is $24.95 for theater and dessert. The optional dinner is $12.50. Five-year and Lifetime Members receive a $5 discount on each theater ticket they purchase.

By the time you read this, I will have spoken to a pastors breakfast, completed a TV interview at a local secular TV station, and done a radio interview with a Christian radio station. This coming weekend I will be speaking in Lancaster, California.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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