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It was pleasing to read the article in this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer (and in its edition for the other side of the Ohio River called the Kentucky Enquirer, it was the top story in the B section) reporting:

The overflowing crowds at Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum in Petersburg soon will have more places to park. Tonight, Boone Fiscal Court unanimously approved the Christian ministry’s plan to add 663 parking spaces, a maintenance building and outdoor canopies to protect guests waiting in line from the sun and rain. . . . No one spoke against the plan before the court voted.
Answers in Genesis said it needed the improvements because of larger-than-expected crowds. During the summer, the parking lot was overflowing, forcing staff to park miles away. The museum opened May 28, 2007. . . . As of Tuesday, 306,670 people had toured the museum, which presents a literal interpretation of the Bible. The ministry had expected to get 250,000 visitors its entire first year. Mike Zovath, vice president of museum operations, said the ministry would start trying to raise money for the project, which is likely to cost about $500,000.
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It was interesting to see this advertisement from a Kentucky university website:

Darwin Day 2008 Talk: The Anti-Museum: An Overview and Review of the Answers In Genesis Creation Museum WHEN: Friday, February 12, 7:00 PM. WHERE: Great Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, 3564 Clays Mill Road, Lexington Kentucky SPEAKER: Daniel J. Phelps TOPIC: “The Creation Museum” The Creation Museum has been featured in the December issue of MAD Magazine, celebrating the 20 Dumbest People Events and Things of 2007. The Creation Museum is #14 on the list. So, you ask... Just what IS in that place? To find out, join KASES (The Kentucky Association of Science Educators and Skeptics) for our Darwin Day 2008 presentation: THE ANTI-MUSEUM: AN OVERVIEW AND REVIEW OF THE ANSWERS IN GENESIS CREATION MUSEUM"
Two comments:

1. Such anti-museum presentations in the secular world show clearly that the Creation Museum is having an impact and that the secular evolutionists are really worried about the fact Christians are able to disseminate knowledge evolutionists have tried to basically censure from the education system and culture as a whole. AiG is honored to be worthy of such attention!

2. Since the topic description has a mistake (it’s the Jan 2008 Mad magazine, not the December 2007 issue), I don’t expect Phelps to get much else correct!


Just wanted to tell you that we received the magazine just in time for Christmas. My husband absolutely loves it. I actually got him another subscription for … [an archaeology magazine] and were terribly disappointed with their unbiblical content—we canceled the subscription immediately. As a breath of fresh air comes [Answers], which is biblical and exquisite. Thank you and we love your magazine.
The current very popular issue has astronomy as the theme. Don’t miss out—subscribe today through AiG’s website.


On Thursday morning, I will be speaking to Christian leaders at a breakfast in Evans, Georgia, as a lead up to an AiG conference. It is not too late for the Christian leaders in the area to attend. For details go to the AiG website.

I have enclosed more photographs from the AiG Christmas party.

staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-075.jpg staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-076.jpg staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-079.jpg

staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-083.jpg staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-095.jpg staff-christmas-party-1-18-08-096.jpg

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