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The letter below comes from a pastor concerning a recent visit by an AiG speaker to his church. This exciting feedback illustrates the impact one speaker can have on a church and community:

“Thank you for allowing Bodie Hodge to minister to our church on October 14th and our Christian school on October 15th. Bodie was a perfect match for our community. He was so personable and gracious to invest in our small town. Bodie’s wide range of knowledge gave an excellence to every presentation, and his excitement held the attention of all ages (adults to our four year old students). It was a delight to have him with us, and his humility to be willing to come to the smallest is his bigness and yours.

“We thank the Lord for you. Answers in Genesis is a trusted source of truth for us and an equipping for all believers. You are a valued voice that is being heard and heeded. The success of these meetings are that many: -were “de-evolutionized” -began to see their world through Biblical “glasses” -restored to trust the Bible from the first verse -admitted that we are “one race” Some of the comments that I have heard were, ‘I’ve changed my way of thinking’ and ‘I’m so excited; I feel like I’m going to burst; I’ve go to go and tell somebody.’”


Recently, a Christian leader from South Africa spent a couple of days at the Creation Museum. He has gone back to his home inspired to promote this outreach to people in that country. He wrote and said:

“Congratulations! Very well done! May the Lord continue to strengthen you, inspire you and equip you and your co-workers to keep on keeping on. Do not allow anything, or anyone, to distract or deviate or discourage you. The work of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum is absolutely vital and strategic in inspiring and equipping Believers to be more bold and effective in evangelism and apologetics. It is also a tremendous tool for real education, a wonderful example of how Christians can do things as well as, and better than, the best in the world. As one who has traveled very widely, and explored and examined many museums worldwide, I must rate the Creation Museum as one of the very best museums in the world. I also believe that future generations may look back on this Creation Museum as significant a watershed event as Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Thesis on the church door in Wittenberg 31 October 1517 to the new Reformation which we must tirelessly work, pray and fight for in our generation. ”

Guest Services staff began the new “Dino Mite” project in the Creation Museum (i.e., reading creation books to children). Our guest services staff member Tish sent this report:

“Well, at the end of my story time . . . I looked up and one mom was all choked up and in tears. She told me she had taken her children to story times at museums before, and they were always including billions of years. She said it was such a blessing to come to a place where the story is based on God’s Word and shows the truth. It made my day.”
We are now over the 240,000 for the number of visitors to the Creation Museum since opening in late May.

Today, Mally and I, Drs. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell, and Buddy and Kay Davis travel to upstate New York for a weekend conference at the Word Of Life Inn. Mally and I return on Sunday and then do a quick turn around to travel to Saipan. It is going to be a very hectic couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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