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Obviously worried about the success of the Creation Museum, evolutionist critics are now pounding the local tourist bureau for including wording from AiG’s website describing the museum. This was the headline news in our local Enquirer newspapers on Sunday. The article is more of a hit against the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau (who are only doing their job—and doing what they do with any other attraction—use wording from the attraction’s website to describe the particular attraction), than it is against the Creation Museum.

Actually, the article itself includes a photograph of the Museum showing people in lines waiting to get in—and quotes AiG spokesperson Mark Looy giving attendance figures—over 170,000 visitors in three months now.

The article quotes Daniel Phelps—head of the Kentucky Paleontological Society who recently wrote an article against the Creation Museum for the NCSE website. The NCSE is an organization headed by atheist Dr. Eugenie Scott, who was awarded the [Asimov] Humanist of the year award a few years ago.

The Enquirer article states:

“The head of the Kentucky Paleontological Society is criticizing local tourism officials for promoting the Creation Museum using inflammatory language from the museum’s Web site. The Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau on its Web site says of the controversial museum: ‘This “walk through history” museum will counter evolutionary natural history museums that turn countless minds against Christ and Scripture.’”
All the bureau is doing here is using the wording AiG uses on our website—just as the bureau does for other attractions.

The article continues:

“‘Natural history museums don't turn people against religion, counters Daniel Phelps, paleontology society president.’”
Well—it depends on which “religion” you are talking about. Most natural history museums teach people that life (including humans) arose by natural processes—that is the religion of atheism/naturalism. So, such museums certainly don’t turn people against the atheist religion—they turn them towards it. In fact, as you read this blog, I will be in London—the home of the famous London Natural History Museum. In this Museum they state that the global Flood of the Bible is a “MYTH.” Thus, this Museum turns people against the truth of the Bible.

I remember watching a man and his son at the Natural History Museum in New York standing before the evolution of man exhibit—the man said to his son (about 10 years old or so)—“Son, this was your ancestor. You came from ape-like creatures.” Such evolutionary indoctrination has serious consequences for this young lad—if we are just animals that evolved by natural/random processes, then no one owns us—why shouldn’t we do whatever we want to do if we can get away with it—life is meaningless and purposeless.

The article continues:

“‘If they did, there would be regular protests outside those museums … . There’s many people who are very religious, and they don’t have a problem with evolution,’ Phelps said … ‘If the creationists want to say things like that on their own Web site, that’s their business,’ he said. ‘I was pretty shocked that a tax-supported entity would do anything like that,’ Phelps said.”
Actually, OUR OWN TAX dollars are used to fund public schools and many secular natural history museums that teach students evolution is fact and that humans evolved by natural processes! Our tax dollars are being used to indoctrinate generations in the religion of atheism/naturalism. The Creation Museum is totally privately funded.

The article later on states:

“He [Daniel Phelps] spent 3 hours going through the museum, taking hundreds of photos. His review can be found at (look for the item dated July 11). ‘Many of his facts were just downright wrong,’ argues Looy, who notes the museum’s response to Phelps’ review can be found at and then plugging the word Phelps into the site’s search function.”
The article Phelps wrote for the NCSE has many errors and downright untruths in it (see AiG’s critique of Phelp’s article at:

It is also amusing in a way that Phelps even tries to compare the Creation Museum to the museum at Big Bone Lick Park in northern Kentucky. The Big Bone Lick Park Museum (which is a great park by the way with excellent camping facilities) is a modest museum covering a few hundred square feet with a few glass cases with fossils. However, because of the success of the Creation Museum, we know of many visitors who have camped at the Big Bone Lick Camping facility—the Creation Museum is actually driving visitors to this historic Park.

The Enquirer article states:

“The museum has numerous other scientific critics.”
However, they don’t mention that AiG/Creation Museum has five PhD scientists on staff and is associated with many other PhD scientists across the USA and around the world. Of course, these same critics of the Creation Museum were also claiming that not many people would come to the Museum—they scoffed at the idea there was overwhelming support in the culture for this Museum. Well, 170,000 visitors in just three months shows how wrong they were. So now, they attempt to discredit and attack the local tourist bureau for promoting the Creation Museum as a tourist attraction, which according to the bureau’s own formulas, may have brought over $6 million into the economy of Northern Kentucky!

Isn’t it interesting how these ardent evolutionists, with close ties to an organization headed by an atheist, are so worried about ONE Creation Museum—when the majority of natural history museums across the nation present evolution as fact, and the majority of students in the culture go to public schools where evolution/naturalism is presented as fact? If the evidence that man evolved by natural processes (and thus life is ultimately meaningless and purposeless) is so OBVIOUS, why would they be worried about just ONE Creation Museum. They are worried because they know the more people flock to this facility, the more they learn information that has by and large been censored from the culture. The more they realize molecules to man evolution/naturalism is not fact, and real observational scientific evidence does confirm the Bible’s account of history—and if that history is true (which it is), then the gospel based in that history is true. This also means marriage (founded in Genesis) is one man for one woman—life does have purpose and meaning—and all of us need to bow to our Creator and obey His rules!

In one of the blogs these critics have been writing, they were making fun of the dinosaur in the Creation Museum with a saddle on it, saying that we believed people rode dinosaurs etc. Actually, this dinosaur (we call her Sarah), is not part of any exhibit. I have been to playgrounds where there are dinosaurs as swings—kids love them. I have seen those rides where children hop on the model of a Dinosaur. In the same way, the dinosaur at the Creation Museum has a saddle on it so children can get their photographs sitting on a dinosaur. When critics have to stoop to such low tactics, it tells one that there is more behind their criticism—it is a spiritual issue.

You can read the entire Enquirer article at this link:

By the way, we have several long pages of testimonials/praises from creationist scientists and teachers who have spoken out since May in favor of the museum when it opened three months ago. You’ll be encouraged when you go to:


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