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This past Thursday, Dr. David Noebel, founder and president of Summit Ministries in Colorado, visited AiG. In the morning he spoke to staff and in the evening made a special presentation at a public meeting in AiG’s special effects theater. Summit Ministries is dedicated to teaching people about worldviews. Dr. Noebel founded Summit in 1962, and is currently the ministry’s president. Dr. Noebel is an author, speaker, curriculum producer, and editor of Summit’s monthly journal.

Summit Ministries, as I mentioned, is a worldview ministry. Their threefold vision is that:

  • Christians make decisions based on an integrated biblical worldview
  • Christianity is seen as an intelligent and defensible position in the marketplace of ideas
  • Christians actively seek to engage and transform our culture
The special effects theatre was filled to capacity for this special visit. Many guests came early for dinner in "Noah’s Café" and then had a tour through the Creation Museum complex.


AiG’s CCO (Chief Communication Officer), Mark Looy, wrote an interesting lead article for our website today on the special Darwin exhibit that just opened at the American Natural History Museum in New York. Make sure you read the article and become aware of what the evolutionists are doing to try to combat the creationists.


Well, I had a fairly quiet day today---except for answering emails and talking with various staff. We get up early in the morning to attend the early service at the church we are members of (I’ve been on the road so much lately, I’ll feel like a visitor!). Our son Jeremy is home from college for the holiday, so it is a family reunion time this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

We have so much to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers,


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