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Today I spent over an hour being interviewed by a CBS reporter for the news program Sunday morning, October 23 (see attached photograph of the reporter standing with a dinosaur). These sorts of interviews for short news programs are sometimes difficult and frustrating—particularly when the reporter is not versed in a detailed understanding of the philosophy of science etc. They have been so indoctrinated to believe that evolution is "science" and creation is "religion"—it takes a lot of hard work to try to get them to understand the difference between observational science and historical science etc. Anyhow, I did my best, we had a pleasant time and the cameraman, producer and reporter were all very impressed by the size and quality of the Museum. I believe they will make statements to this effect in the news item. Please pray for the producer as he puts this news segment (which may be as much as 8 minutes) together.


Our special speaker for the staff devotion time this morning was Darrow Miller, VP of Food For the Hungry International. Darrow explained how many people in third world countries might claim they are saved and attend church—but there is no change in the culture. He said that many evangelists and missionaries aren’t doing all the Great Commission tells us to do—we are to make disciples so nations will be affected, not just see people saved (Matthew 28:18-20). I would urge you to click on the following link to view this devotion—it will challenge you—the messages meshes so well with AiG’s message, but brings a different angle. To watch Darrow go to the video archive page.


AiG’s board chairman, Pastor Don Landis (one of the best Bible teachers I’ve ever heard) will be speaking to the AiG staff each day of the AiG board meeting, Tuesday through Thursday this week. Each evening we will have a link so you can watch Don Landis give his challenging messages. Stay tuned for more details.


This morning after I spoke, a retired man asked me about the gap theory. He wanted to put the fall of Satan and a flood associated with that fall in between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2. I explained that the Bible does not tell us when Satan fell, except that it was before he deceived Eve and that there is nothing in the Bible about a flood connected to that fall. He said, “yes, but formless and void means that it was chaotic junk.” I explained that it did not and that he was imposing a meaning on the words that was just not justified linguistically or from the context.

Then I talked, with the help of an interpreter, for a half hour with a deaf man named Jason, who has been coming to the church for some time. He is very confused, having “heard” a lot of evolutionary propaganda. He asked about Cain’s wife and the intelligent design movement. We seemed to make some headway with him. Tonight he came and asked about whether the Egyptian pyramids were built before or after the Flood. He is thinking and tonight seemed to be grasping the issues better.

All my talks are being interpreted for the deaf and the church is video-taping them and will film the interpretation later to make good quality videos for use in the church’s deaf ministry. My interpreter is amazingly skilled and she has a great burden to see these kinds of resources available for the deaf.

Pray especially for a guy named Joe (maybe in his early 30s), who came to the lecture tonight (Sunday). I talked to him briefly before I spoke on the Flood and geology. He may be a Christian. He has a PhD in anthropology from Harvard University and told me he is a “doubting Darwinist.” He said that he was looking forward to sitting under my lectures tonight and the next two nights of lectures as well. He had been invited by an older couple who are involved in local creation ministry in the Jacksonville area. Tomorrow night I cover Darwinian evolution and human evolution in two talks and the last night I speak twice again: on dinosaurs and the big bang. Pray that his eyes will be opened and that he will become a “former Darwinist” and a solid “Genesis-believing Christian.”

The couple who arranged for me to come here said that a lot of people were really thinking about what I had said, having never heard these things or thought very deeply about them before. They are very positive about the lectures but need to mull it over and hear some more. People haven’t bought many resources for further study, but the wife said that is because with the increase gas prices and the variety of resources on the tables, people are really thinking how to get the most for their limited money. They will forget most of what I say. So getting some of the resources are key to them really growing in their understanding and being equipped to answers questions from their children and lost people around them.

First of all, I want to thank Ken Ham and the AIG staff that brought their conference to Boise.

For years I have wanted to trust the literal interpretation of Genesis, but being trained at a secular university in wildlife resources and continual indoctrination through the media, I continually fought doubt. I was a man in conflict.

On the one hand I knew that evolution was false and that its teaching was dangerous because it has no need for God, but all of the evidence seemed to point to an old earth. No one had ever explained to me the importance of having a concrete answer to questions brought up by evolutionists.

As a Jr. and Sr. high Sunday School teacher I have told my students that evolution was wrong, but I must admit that I didn't have a very stong arguement for them to take into the world. Now that has all changed. I am renewed in my fervor for teaching our young people, and I have already had the opportunity to talk to both age groups about the importance of having a firm foundation built on Genesis!

I would also like to make all AIG scientists aware of a standing offer that the library where I work extends to anyone who asks. It is the Peregine Fund Research Library, and anyone can access the library catalog journal inventory at . My job here at the library is to recieve e-mail requests for PDF copies of our holdings and send those copies to whomever asks. There is no charge or limit for these requests. Most of our books are related to birds, however we subscribe to 100's of journals, such as Nature, Science, Evolution, Auk, Condor, American Naturalist, etc. Just send your requests to [email protected] and I will return your request as soon as I am able, depending on the request load.

Not only do I give permission for this note to be published in the AIG newsletter or website, I would strongly encourage it be published. I would love to send articles and papers to scientists [some may not have access to these journals] who are interested in seeking truth and exposing the errors of secular science.”

Wow, what an exciting offer!


Another great response that made me smile:

We were so encouraged by the Boise AiG conference! We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work! Our kids came out of the children's workshop so excited that we thought they'd never get to sleep. I am still in awe of earwax and eye muscles. God is so good. I'll never view a poodle the same way again. I heard from a second year nursing student about how these seminars encouraged her and that she's glad they came early in the school year!”
Today was one of the busiest days I’ve had at AiG in a long time—lots of visitors—board members turning up—CBS interview—the day was packed. Tuesday is the start of AiG’s October board meeting. Please pray for the board as they make decisions for the future and work through the normal issues a board deals with.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep praying!


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