“Evolution Schmevolution”

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Creepy Ken Ham

The creation/evolution issue has really hit the public arena—so much so that on TV’s Comedy Central, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show featured a series this week on creation and evolution. As well as the expected sacreligious “off color” slapstick humor mocking creationists, the program mocks Christianity in a big way. They called the series: “Evolution Schmevolution”.

I thought you would be interested in a section from September 14 th show. (By the way—I don’t encourage people to watch this program—we heard they were doing a spoof on evolution and mentioning myself and the creation movement, so we taped various sections for commenting on). Here is a transcribed section of what was said about me and the book D is for Dinosaur:

For young creationists, there’s a book called D is for Dinosaur and it teaches that dinosaurs and humans lived together and that dinosaurs were vegetarians. Yeah, cause those mighty claws and jagged teeth were for chasing down any plants that tried to get away. And while evolution has its hotspot at the Galapagos Islands, creationism hangs out at the Grand Canyon, apparently. Ken Ham, a creationist, gives a rather scary speech about the truth of the Grand Canyon. Black finishes Ham’s thought by saying, “If we hurry, we can still sacrifice your little sister at the Hoover Dam!”

The following link will enable you to see a portion of yesterday’s (Wednesday) program where the book “D is for Dinosaur” is mocked, and they play a couple of segments (cut and edited out of the total context of course) of me speaking years ago.

On their website posted today (Thursday) they state:

“Tomorrow’s the last day of evolution week! And now, your Moment of Zen: That creepy Ken Ham guy is still talking. I can’t quite understand what he’s saying. He sounds like an Australian John F. Kennedy—if JFK was an auctioneer.”

Heaping Coals of Fire

At the combined AiG staff meeting this morning, I gave a short devotion about what the Scripture verses mean about showing kindness to others as “heaping coal of fire” on their heads. This phrase is used metaphorically to mean that by showing Christian love/kindness, as hot coals melt steel, people’s hearts will be melted and we pray then opened to listening to the gospel. As our team gets ready to pack and move a tractor trailer and three large trailer loads of materials down to the Gulf Coast next week, AiG will be “heaping coals of fire” (showering love and kindness) on thousands of public school students/teachers/parents.

AiG’s Tom Miller (seen here addressing the staff this morning) is heading up this project sent me this brief but exciting report today:

Here are just a few of the miracles today.

Our supporters continue to share the abundance that God has provided them. I am so thankful for their help and encouragement.

Boxes of school supplies from donors are coming into the warehouse to support the effort.

A box company that we use locally is donating the shipping cartons that we need to transport the freight to Mississippi.

A husband and wife who volunteer their time and energy here at AiG chose to sponsor several backpacks and dropped a check off to me today. These folks give so much already, and yet feel God’s call to give even more. What an example!

This morning, I had a call from a local trucking company, and the tractor trailer for the trip is not going to cost anything!!! The entire trip is paid for through the generosity of a couple of companies joining forces to support the initiative.

Lastly, an answer to prayer. The backpacks are on their way!! Steve (AiG event scheduler) said that they have made their way from Dallas to Nashville, and will be in our warehouse on Monday.

Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy! Our Creator has met our every need thus far, and we are confident that He will continue to be glorified as we step out to boldly proclaim the truth of His word to a lost and dying world.

Keep praying. Tomorrow is a “Behind the Scenes” Day when many Creation Museum Charter Members come in for the day—and I have to have my photograph taken with each family standing in front a dinosaur—so lot’s of smiling to do tomorrow.

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