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AiG Headquarters Photographs

I thought it would be good to include a few photographs now and then of the rest of the ministry—most people are used to seeing photographs of various aspects of the Creation Museum itself—so I’ve included three photos:

1. A section of our Administrative offices 2. A section of the IT room 3. One portion of the warehouse

Katrina Appeal

I want to remind you all of our Katrina appeal to reach out to public school students and the community in a devastated area of Mississippi. I encourage you to go to this link if you haven’t already—and please consider sponsoring even one child with resources for school (only USD$10 per child):

Today I spent most of the day on my computer editing hundreds of pictures that I am putting together for a “Walk Through the Creation Museum and AiG Headquarters” for various fund raising and conference events.

Thanks for stopping by—and pray that the Katrina fund raising event is successful in enabling us to provide the 1,000 school kits we have set as our minimum goal (amongst other things we are also doing).


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