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Today we relaxed (yes, I did look that word "relax" up in the dictionary to make sure I understood what it meant) and did some tourist-y things in Jackson Wyoming (out of all the places we've ever been in the USA, Mally and I both agree that Jackson at the foot of the Tetons is our favorite place).

I thought you would enjoy some of the photos we took today:

We attended an "Old West" parade in the main street of Jackson. Talk about a unique parade---the Old West was certainly revived today---Cowboys shooting off guns, lots of horses, mule trains, wagons, mountain men and so on.

Don Landis (pastor of Community Bible Church where I will be speaking Sunday morning) and his wife Bev took all the AiG board and Mally and me on a tour of the Grand Teton National Park.

Some More...

Mally and a Bear (Mally's the one at the front!) Mally and a Buffalo (again , Mally's at the front) Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the USA lives in Jackson---he's in town for the weekend so the plane that flies him in is at the Jackson airport.

Some more! Coyote, Prairie Dog, Buffalo, Female Moose (her baby was nearby, but I couldn't photograph it as it was in the brush), a glacier, the bus that belongs to the Bible College that we toured in!

If we are able to finish all the matters that need discussing by Wednesday evening, we hope to go to Yellowstone National Park for the day Thursday.

I am speaking twice tomorrow (Sunday morning).

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