Special Meetings in the South


Following a very successful UK Creation Mega Conference last year, this New Year already has something to look forward to . . . and it’s coming very soon! Not only will AiG–USA speaker, writer, and researcher Bodie Hodge be touring southern England in February, but we are very pleased to announce that the tour will include a special one-day event—The Answers Conference Kent. This will take place on Saturday, February 14th at The River Centre in Tonbridge and will feature Bodie, Prof. Stuart Burgess, and Brian Edwards. And, best of all, it will be a free event—in fact, all of the events in Bodie’s tour are free and open to the public—so bring your friends, too! Talk titles will include “Creation vs. Evolution: Is Genesis Relevant?,” “Why Biblical Creation is Good Science,” “The Tower of Babel,” and “Evidence for the Bible.” We are delighted to offer such an event in such a location with such gifted speakers.

There are also other exciting opportunities to hear these dynamic speakers. Bodie and Stuart will be speaking together on Saturday, February 7th in Oxford, where the relevance of Genesis will be addressed along with the uniqueness of man. You will also be treated to Bodie’s new talk, “Doesn’t It Take Millions of Years For . . . ?”

If you miss that, Brian Edwards will be speaking alongside Bodie in Bournemouth on Thursday evening February 12th. On that occasion, Brian’s talk will address our understanding of Genesis 1.

Bodie’s tour will incorporate additional Sunday services in Reading, Surbiton, and Ilford, plus special evening meetings in Gloucester, Bagley (near Wedmore in Somerset), Waldringfield (near Woodbridge in Suffolk), and Guildford. As well as the talks mentioned above, Bodie will also be speaking on “Evolution: Critical Thinking in Science and Origins” and “Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible” during his visit.

The release of a well-received new book and DVD by Bodie—Confound The Critics and Is the Bible True?—have added to the anticipation and excitement of this tour. If you are near to any of the areas we are visiting, why not come and join us? You certainly will not want to miss this chance to equip yourself with solid answers from God’s Word.

Please also pray for Bodie as he gives 14 talks in 10 venues over 9 days and for travelling mercies along the way.


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