A Surprise Result in Japan


Every timeAnswers in Genesis produces another book we get responses of people beingblessed. The greatlypopular New Answers Book 2 has beenacclaimed by its readers as giving substantive answers to such questions as: What’s the Best “Proof” of Creation? andIsn’t the Bible full of Contradictions?


Dr. DavidR. Crandall, using his 30 years of pastoral experience, was privileged to havethe opportunity to write the last chapter of this book with an emphasis onsalvation. The chapter is entitled TheBiggest Question of All—referring to the question asked by Jesus Christ:“Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” 


The chapterbegins with a tragic suicide that Dr. Crandall witnessed in Rome, Italyand the hopelessness in the young man’s life. The body of the chapter discussesPeter’s answer to Jesus’ question and the need for all mankind to answer thatquestion correctly. The article concludes with a story of a young Australianman who was about to commit suicide, but God miraculously brought a Christianto him; he was saved from suicide, but more importantly—he was saved eternally.


AiGrecently received a phone call from Japan from a woman greatly excitedabout this chapter because over 30,000 Japanese commit suicide every year. Wehave translators working on this chapter so that Japanese Christians will be ableto use it all over Japanto find hope in Christ.


AiG booksand DVDs are being used more and more around the world for God’s glory! 


Dr. C. in CR-J Bookstore  

Dr. Crandall and Michiko, Operation Manager of Creation Research Japan, discovered AiG book in Japanese bookstore. 


Written by AiG’s International Director, Dr.David R. Crandall



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