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Answers WorldWide provided 150 books of The Lie: Evolution to those at the conference in Malaysia. Jerry Layton, an ABWE missionary to the Philippines who was with Dr. Crandall at the conference, sent this update:

Jerry at booktable

It’s good to report we were able to distribute all the books. We had seven left over which we took with us to Singapore, where the church just happened to have seven pastors who did not yet have The Lie. Victor did a wonderful job helping me there. We spoke Sunday at the Gospel Light Christian Church which partners with Doane Baptist Church missions outreach in Asia.

I preached two services on “Restoring our Foundations in Genesis”, and Vic preached a shorter version at an evening service for Telugu workers from India. A member of the church had an Answers in Genesis book table in the foyer which sold out completely of Ken’s and other books. Two church members pledged to help us get Creation Science into a university and government schools. A Telugu returning to India plans to help us schedule in Bangalore, where I have previously been invited to a Bible school and Indian pastors who graduated from my alma mater in Tacoma.

Glory to God!

Victor is one of the Filipino pastors at Doane Baptist and is planning to attend the next International Training Seminar hosted by Answers WorldWide next March. Please keep him in your prayer as he applies to get his Visa in the next few weeks.


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