Alumnus of the Year

A Note from Ken Ham


AiG is thrilled to be able to congratulate our Director of AiG’s WorldWide outreach, Dr. David Crandall, for receiving the honor of being named “Alumnus of the year” by the Baptist Bible College and Seminary—Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Dr. Crandall wrote to me:

I am very much honored that Baptist Bible College and Seminary alumni have selected me as alumnus of the year. Thousands of alumni vote every year on this selection. On October 10th I will be honored at a special banquet on campus. All four of my children are flying in for the event—it is the first time in years that all four have been with us at the same time. Only problem—10 grandchildren at the same time.

I praise God that He has chosen to use me in His ministry. I am especially thrilled to be with you and AiG and to see the global impact that is being made. (Philippians 1:21)

You can read about this on the BBC website.


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