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Greeting from Saipan, where America’s day begins. During the last two weeks AiG’s days have begun here too!

The Saipan team has completed the medical outreach portion of the trip. Tuesday evening the final patients were seen. We have spent time dealing with infections and allergy problems primarily over the last couple of days. A big issue here is helping the students deal with the change in climate and change in diet. Counseling about preventative health issues has been a theme throughout the clinics.

Dr. Mitchell 

The nightly seminars will continue through Friday night. We have had a full house every evening for the sessions. The kids from the local community school have been on the front row each night, armed with many, many questions. One child has even started bringing his unsaved mother to the talks. Liz has spent a lot of time witnessing to her.

Each presentation has been translated into Chinese, but this has not thus far seemed to be a problem. The language barrier has been overcome. It seems that my Southern drawl is much easier to translate than Ken’s Australian accent!


The ESL classes continue to go well. Laura has thoroughly enjoyed teaching, and the students continue to eagerly practice their English in the evenings at the seminars. One recent topic in class was the difference between the phrases “Good evening” and “Good night.” One of the students had been going around greeting everyone at church saying, “Good night!” The funny part was that once the students understood the difference and that “Good night” is used as a way to say “Goodbye,” when Laura left class (in the middle of the afternoon), one student jokingly said, “Good night!” With students like that, you can understand why she enjoys teaching the class!

The team will leave for the states very early Saturday morning, travel for about 27 hours, and arrive in Kentucky on Saturday afternoon. Oh, the joys of the international date line. Please pray for travel mercies for a very weary team!


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