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Clinics by day and teaching by night. That’s the schedule in Saipan this week. The medical clinics have started in space provided by Eucon College. In the first few days we have provided care for various infections and routine orthopedic problems.

Yesterday began the ESL classes! Laura had about 25 students who were all very eager to improve their English skills. Their skill level varies from only knowing basic English greetings to being able to carry on a simple conversation in English. They have such an enthusiasm to learn—we are quite excited to have the opportunity! We will be having classes each day for the two weeks that our team is here. The students are all attending the sessions given by Dr. Mitchell each evening, so they have the added pressure of knowing that their teacher may give them a “pop conversation quiz” at any time!

Laura teaching English

Each evening a good crowd of Chinese- and English-speaking people gathers at the Christian Bible Church to hear Dr. Tommy Mitchell, with the aid of his translator, speak about the importance of biblical authority in Genesis. He’s already taught about the age of the earth and dating methods. With sessions each night, he’ll be exploring many more topics. Many students at the college have come to him with questions. In addition, a local school teacher brought her class last night and held a special session with Dr. Mitchell; the teacher asked him to explain to the children why Genesis is important. The enthusiastic students plan to return every night.

Dr. Mitchell teaching


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