Update on the Persecution in India


Thank you for your continued prayer for our brothers and sisters in India who are facing horrible persecution. Dr. Crandall recently received this update from our friend Jyoti who is currently in India:


Last night I couldn’t really sleep, today is Lord’s day. Many have lost their beloved ones, their house has been looted and ransacked, villages after villages have been burnt down. Their only crime was they were Christians. Thousands of Christians have nothing left to them except the clothes they are wearing. Only Red Cross has been allowed to enter into some places. I just can’t imagine that I will start and end a day with my Bible, that was the first thing they burned, cross, and the Bibles from Christian homes.

A very close friend of mine professor from Serampore College, his brother and nephew was slaughtered into 15 pieces. This was in the national news this evening, I couldn’t have my dinner properly. Their face comes in my memory.

Twenty families were forcefully re converted into Hinduism yesterday.

Will you please please pray. I was in contact with few more friends from that area, news are so disturbing. I will write another update soon.

Meanwhile would you mind to generate a movement in USA in your local church at least to send a protest letter to the chief minister of Orissa state, and the Pri Minister of India. And to the President too. Few line emails or fax will do a lot.

More later. Meanwhile thanks for your prayers. Have a wonderful Lord’s day remembering the Lord.


Thank you for your prayer.


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