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We continue to be thrilled with updates from those who attended our first International Training Seminar this last April. Jan Sichula from Slovakia included this summary of the training in his latest newsletter: “I Took Part in International Training Seminar Organized by Answers in Genesis.”

You will hardly believe what I have to share in this section but it is all true. Can you imagine that I was in United States in April this year? Let me explain how that could happen in detail. Creationist ministry Answers in Genesis is having a fantastic international vision. Dr. Crandall is heading international side of AiG’s ministry. It was he together with Ken Ham who got the idea to invite a small group of foreign pastors and leaders and give them intensive one week training. This was the very first time they are having such a program. I was so overwhelmed when I had received invitation letter from assistant to Dr. Crandall. They paid for all the costs; the offer was simply irresistible.

During the week I had the chance to listen to and talk with most of AiG famous speakers. There were even plenty of opportunities to spend time in famous Creation Museum and let me share that it is lifetime experience. If you ever got a chance to visit it, do not hesitate for the moment. Some 10 participants were present all together and we are all listed on the Ken Ham’s blog. I departed from Vienna’s airport on Saturday, April 19th and returned on Sunday, April 27th having a very adventurous journey back as my scheduled flight was delayed and they had to rebook me on the different route. As if all those blessings were not enough, American embassy also proved very generous to me. They had awarded me a visa for 10 years with unlimited entrance — I can now travel to States back and forth….

I am still very excited from the stay at AiG and cherish fond memories of the event.

Jan’s progress since the training:
I have had two speaking opportunities since ITS and more are on the way. Let me mention that I have produced an all new Genesis relevance talk and am also revising parts of my presentations based on what I had learned at AiG. ITS is already bringing much fruit here in our ministry. Thank you, thank you. Also the illustrations library is simply superb.
If you would like to learn more about Jan’s ministry in Slovakia, you can visit the ministry’s website at

We praise the Lord for reports such as this, and we thank you for your part in this ministry both through your prayer and financial support.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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