Welsh Revival Impacts Korea


In 1902, a small group of people in the country of

Wales got together and prayed earnestly for a revival and for the reclaiming of their culture for Christ.

God answered their prayers and the now famous Welsh revival spread across the nations. Thousands repented of their sin and were saved, and thousands of Christian committed their lives to Christ to take this revival around the world.

Two young men who were impacted by the revival began immediate training to be missionaries. In 1907, these two men and their families arrived in the country of Korea along with the prayers of thousands of Christians throughout the world.

The pagan culture had no understanding of Biblical truths, so the missionaries taught them “the whole council of God” beginning in the book of Genesis, and many accepted the Creator God of Genesis 1:1.

Prayer was once again answered, and quite amazingly the Welsh revival spread to South Korea. Thousands became Christians, and the church in Korea grew rapidly. Today, as a direct result of prayer, the Korean church now numbers 30% of the entire population. South Korea has the largest churches in the world with 50 mega churches that number over 30,000 members each.

As I listened to these stories on my recent trip to Seoul, I was thrilled because of yet another demonstration of answered prayer, and I was personally blessed because my family is Welch.

On July 14th, Answers WorldWide will welcome to the Creation Museum one of these Korean pastors from a church that numbers 20,000 members. He and some of his pastoral team will meet with us to discuss translation projects and the possibility of building a Creation Museum in South Korea.

Mission success is always dependent on God’s people praying, so I would encourage our readers to pray for this upcoming meeting and the impact of the Gospel as Answers WorldWide floods the world with the wonderful truths of the Bible.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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