Sixty-nine Thousand Perish


Ken Ham’s book Why Is There Death and Suffering? Addresses an issue that everyone on planet earth can identify with. I have traveled in 90 different countries and I come face to face with pain and suffering in every culture. I am asked the question often, especially when a country has recently encountered a national catastrophe.

I traveled to Asia soon after the tsunami and toured the regions of Thailand where it struck with its most vicious power. I saw ships that had been pushed over one mile inland from their moorings and almost everyone I met had lost someone in the massive wave that was traveling over 500 mph.

It was just weeks later that I traveled to Louisiana and met with hundreds who had lost everything as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

In both instances, the devastation was surreal but the question “Why?” was being asked.

China’s Earthquake

These memories flooded my mind and heart when I heard about the devastating earthquake that hit China. This powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck China’s Si Chuan province just a month ago and the death toll now stands at over 69,000 precious people. Five million homes were destroyed and over 350,000 people were injured.

The saddest news out of China is that over 10,000 children died in this deadly trembler.

Answers in Genesis and Answers Worldwide sends out a continuing request for all Christians to pray for the suffering people in China. Let us pray that Christians in country will have many opportunities to share the Gospel of hope and life with their hurting countrymen.

Answers WorldWide has just received the Chinese translations of Ken Ham’s basic talks and my message from II Kings on “Josiah the Young King” that will be distributed free of charge all over the Chinese world including the Si Chuan province. God’s Word has powerful effects on people’s lives when they listen. Let’s pray that many will find the “peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” Let us pray for triumph in the face of tragedy.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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