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Just this week we received the exciting news that the Turkish translation of “Why is there Death and Suffering?” has been printed. Our translator who worked on this project sent this update:

The shipment of newly printed copies of the Turkish edition of "Why is there Death & Suffering?" arrived at our home just an hour before my wife was leaving to visit a Muslim-background Christian widow friend of hers. I gave my wife a handful of the books to take to her friend. It turned out that when she arrived at her friend's house, her friend was visiting with another widow lady, a Muslim, and sharing her testimony. In the course of conversation, my wife took out the new booklets to show her friend. Immediately, her Muslim friend wanted to read "Why is there Death & Suffering?" and couldn't put it down. While the Christian widow was busy serving tea, my wife said to her, "These booklets are hot off the press. We just got them today. You are the first to read it." Her Muslim widow friend, who had already started reading while her friend was busy getting tea ready replied, "No, I am the first to read it!" "Yes, YOU are the first to read it," my wife agreed. May many come to find hope and eternal life and deliverance from sin and death in this land full of biblical history where today there is only one Turkish Christian for every 24,000 Muslims. Many people wonder if there is a God of love who really cares about them. The good news is there is!

One might wonder, "But why is creationism needed in a 99% Muslim country like Turkey? Don't they already believe in creation? They just need Jesus!" It is true that Islam teaches that Allah created the world, but it also teaches that the Bible has been corrupted and so its history and doctrines are not reliable. Besides this, Turkish schools, universities, encyclopedias, and nature shows on television promote standard evolutionary views of earth history, which contradict the Bible's account of history. So Turkey's two main competing worldviews, Islam and evolutionary naturalism, both cause millions of people to doubt the truth of the Bible, and thus to not even consider its teachings about the Lord Jesus Christ.

We continue to praise the Lord for what he is doing around the world! Please join us in prayer that these booklets will be a great witness to the Turkish-speaking world.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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