WORLD WISE: Reflections on Burma


The plane landed in Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma) and I was met at the airport by a security detail. This detail was commissioned by the Christians to aid me in entering this communist country. The Christians in Burma could not risk meeting me in such a public place. The thoughts of my arrival and all the details of my trip came flooding back into my mind as I watched the grim reports of a killer cyclone. The press is now saying that over 22,000 people have been killed.

The Christians who were hosting me had climbed to their eighth story place of worship and had prayed continuously until word of my safe arrival and entry into the country was confirmed. I have been praying for all those pastors and their people who gathered that day to greet me in their secret worship place. I wonder out loud if they survived the horrific storm that took so many lives. I pray earnestly that this tragedy will open doors of ministry for these hurting people. I would like to ask all who read this blog to pray for Burma in their great hour of unbelievable death and destruction.

When I arrived on the eighth floor to minister to these people and to dedicate our first Burmese translation, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the faith and courage of these Christians. I was told that there are over 650 churches all across the country and that in a recent meeting over 20,000 believers gathered in open fields to worship and study God’s Word for three days. Live animals were brought and slaughtered daily for food to feed this large gathering. God is indeed building His church in Burma in spite of all the persecution and oppression by the communist government.

Every Christian must be “World Wise” as we are commanded to pray for one another and care for fellow-suffering Christians. Let’s lift our hearts to “Burma with love.”

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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