Finishing the Course


Today I made a list of 21 things that I needed to do and at the end of the day there will be great satisfaction in knowing that I have completed them all.

Such satisfaction was recorded at the final banquet for our International Training Seminar. Ten internationals received Certificates of Completion for the first “Answers WorldWide International Training Seminar in Creation Apologetics.”

Each attendee showed delight that they had finished the ITS intense one week course. The smiles and expressed thank-you’s made our entire Answers WorldWide team extremely happy. One of the attendees commented: “The stay at AiG was fantastic, nothing less than what we call a lifetime experience.”

Each trainee traveled thousands of miles and invested seven days of their lives to learn to be more effective in the making of creation talks in their country and language. They have each now returned to their homelands of Albania, Israel, Hong Kong, Peru, Saipan, and Slovakia safely.

Answers WorldWide has provided each of them with a $500 library that they will use in their current and future ministries, and we will be initiating a follow-up program to track their ministries and assist in any way possible.

Diana, Laura, and I are a bit exhausted by the 24 hours per day that we spent preparing and working with these very special international friends. However, we are extremely pleased with the wonderful results. We were encouraged by a letter from Dr. Harry Ambacher, International Professor of Theological Education and Missiology—he and his wife, Pat, joined us for the ITS banquet. He wrote, “Ken and you are to be commended for your insight in bringing the various nations here for the course. That will certainly pay off in the years to come, until the Lord returns.” We trust this to be true!

Please pray for these internationals as they begin a new phase of their ministries.

Thanks for dropping by—

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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