International History


AiG broke another historical marker this week as ten internationals from six different countries came to our Museum/office complex for an intense week of training. We are operating under the slogan “Training Creation Speakers for the World.”

These internationals from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East have traveled a total of 108,747.28 miles round trip to be involved in this training. As Dr. Crandall welcomed each of them on Monday morning, he shared with them that these meetings were the fulfillment of a two year dream for Answers WorldWide. Today, Monday, Ken Ham met with them all morning going over the basic relevance talk and then how to develop their own talks.

Like all of our guests coming to the Museum, they were all absolutely “thrilled and chilled” by what they saw, heard, read and experienced. As a special surprise for each visitor, Walt Stumper (AiG Librarian) printed out newspapers for each country represented.

We thank God that many people have given to make this wonderful training seminar take place. Please continue to pray for all of our trainees.

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