To the Chinese with Love


The anticipation level at Answers WorldWide is at a near fever pitch as our production department has alerted us that our new Chinese editions are nearly done. Any day now the translations of Ken Ham’s Creation Mini Series of relevance speeches arrive and then will be sent all over the Chinese speaking world.

Our AiG team traveled to Saipan late last year to record these historic Chinese DVDs. Once we receive these DVDs, they will be shipped all over the world so that the Chinese speaker can have the same advantage to hear the teaching of Ken Ham just as English speakers have had for years. Join us in prayer that these new linguistic tools will impact churches, pastors, missionaries and laymen all across the globe.

God’s people who speak Chinese will rejoice greatly that they will be able to learn the truths of Biblical authority and creationism. These DVDs will be the first of their kind ever produced in Chinese.

One of the unique things about these videos will be the printed permission to duplicate these DVDs on the Chinese mission fields of the world.

Please watch this blog for the announcement that the videos have arrived and watch this site for video previews of the product. For those living in the USA these videos will join the massive product line available through AiG.

We covet your prayers as these DVDs are viewed by countless thousands. The final video is a message that I preached in Saipan on how the young King Josiah changed his culture as he obeyed the precepts of the Word of God.

Let’s pray that these DVD’s will change people and cultures.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall


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