Impacting Planet Earth


At Answers in Genesis we talk a lot about the book of Genesis and the creation facts. However, one must not miss the absolute focus of AiG on Biblical authority. As one travels through the museum you will sense this heart beat—“Biblical authority, Biblical authority.”

Answers WorldWide is a great example of the AiG total commitment to the authority of the Word of God. The New Testament verses that challenge us to take the Gospel to the world are a long ways from Genesis. But they are part of the whole—therefore AiG is committed to worldwide evangelism and discipleship.

For me that commitment became a reality when Ken Ham and Carl Kerby encouraged me to come to AiG even when they were struggling to fund the museum project. What they did not need financially was yet another salary at that time. However, the commitment to God’s Word surpassed all financial concerns as God provided the opportunity to take AiG global.

The global-ride we have been on now for over two years can only be described as “a God thing.” Creation-movements are starting all over the world as missionaries, national pastors, and the international-Christian comprehends the importance of creationism in light of the spurious and sarcastic attacks of evolution on our Christian faith. How thankful we are that we can provide answers to the international community. We are convinced that AiG and Answers WorldWide, like Esther, have come into the world for such a time as this.

Please pray for us, please help us, and please tell others about our global-impact for God’s glory.

In His Royal Service,

Dr. David R. Crandall

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