Reaching the 10/40


I will be speaking and representing Answers WorldWide in Malaysia at the triennial meeting of the Asian Pacific Mission Congress in October 2008. This conference will have a focus on what is called the 10/40 window. This is the most unreached region of the world and includes 56 countries which includes 2/3 of the world’s peoples. Answers WorldWide is focused intently on the 3.9 billion people that live in this region. We want to take the good news of the Gospel to them.

It is my belief that the church has failed in the past to be pro-active in missions in this area that consists of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. We are thus attempting to assist missionaries and national ministries in the 10/40 window.

Our translation teams are now translating AiG books and DVDs into several of the area’s languages and I have personally traveled to several of these 56 countries to promote Creation Evangelism and AiG. This conference in Malaysia is just one more event that expresses our desire and heart to reach the vast 10/40 window.

Please pray for this conference and our ongoing ministry throughout Asia.

10/40 window

10/40 window

Saipan people

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