Taking Answers to the Spanish-speaking world


One of my greatest joys is traveling around the world and seeing God at work. In the Bible God declares, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” And He is indeed keeping His word.

Answers WorldWide has the joy and privilege of coming alongside these global-churches and helping them in their preaching, reaching and teaching ministries.

The Spanish world is delighted that they can now listen to Ken Ham in their own mother tongue. The Spanish videos are being used effectively in all Spanish-speaking countries including the communist country of Cuba. What a joy to know that Christians in Cuba can be inspired and blessed by the presentation of Ken Ham.

Recently we received this email from a Christian in Argentina who wrote about the Spanish DVDs:

“Absolutely…incredible. Totally…believable. How did they get a translator who’s voice fits the face of Ken? The Spanish DVD series is great. Thank you.”

Please continue to pray for Answers WorldWide as we continue to expand this great apologetics ministry and its message around the world.


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